Karlinda Caldicott, harpist
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Harp Lessons

Harp Lessons


Teaching the harp is a great joy to me; I feel truly blessed that it nearly equals my passion for performing. My students are diverse in background, age and levels of experience, and all are welcome, from beginners to advanced, from those who just want to play for their own joy, to those who want to play in a healing environment, to those who aspire to become professional classical harpists. I’m happy to provide references; just let me know.


My Educational Background


I’ve been playing the harp since I was 10 years old, when I started lessons with Corkey Christman on a Lyon & Healy Troubadour harp.  I moved on to pedal harp when I was 14, and I went on to study with Alice Chalifoux at the Cleveland Institute of Music, where I earned my Bachelors of Music in Harp Performance.  In addition to my years at CIM, I attended the Salzedo Harp Colony in Camden, Maine, for 3 summers, and continued my studies with Miss Chalifoux for 4 more years after graduating from CIM, while freelancing full-time in Cleveland.


After I left Cleveland, I lived in New York City for 13 years, where I started getting a taste of a much bigger harp world than I’d ever imagined.  However, it wasn’t until I moved upstate in 1999 that I really started to branch out and expand my knowledge and love of the harp.  Many of my first students upstate are really responsible for opening my eyes to many other types of harps and ways of playing, for which I’m eternally grateful.  I’ve also tremendously expanded my knowledge of advanced classical harp repertoire and instruction from attending events at the Saratoga Harp Colony for the past several summers, where I’ve been observing master classes held by such harp greats as Elizabeth Hainen, Susann McDonald, Jana Bouskova, and Judy Loman.


While the essence of my background, philosophy and teaching is the Salzedo method, I have deep appreciation for all methods of playing and am always trying to learn more about the similarities amongst as well as the differences between all the methods.  I welcome students from all different methods, and I will do my best to be flexible (I’ll work with you if you’ll try to work with me in this regard).  There are many hybrid players out there (who’ve learned two more more harp methods), so it certainly is possible!


Do you already own or rent a harp?


If yes, great!  If you want to get started right away with lessons, please contact me and let’s talk!


If not, I can try to help you find a harp to purchase or rent.  Please don’t just go out and buy the cheapest harp you can find – in the long run, you may be very disappointed.  Please contact me so we can discuss what you’re looking for, and I can point in safe, reliable directions.


Private Lessons


Most people take weekly lessons, but some take bi-weekly lessons.  Lesson lengths can vary; 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes are the most common lesson lengths.


I teach in two general regions:


Saratoga/Capital Region (possibly in your home, or else in mine)


Oneonta (at 35 Country Club Road on the corner of Route 205)


Video Online Lessons via Skype


While in-person lessons are always the best way to learn to play the harp, when this is not possible video online lessons are also an option via Skype.  I’m already doing Skype lessons with a student who moved away recently and couldn’t find a harp teacher, and it’s working really well.  You’ll need a strong internet connection such as broadband with a cable modem, and a good quality webcam with decent sound.  The best part is – Skype is free!


Harp Lessons at Summer Music Festivals


I am delighted to be the Harp Instructor at the New York Summer Music Festival, which takes place on the campus of SUNY College at Oneonta in Oneonta, NY.  The festival runs for 6 weeks, and students can attend for 2, 4, or the entire 6 weeks.  Depending on the student’s proficiency, opportunities exist to participate in orchestral and smaller ensembles.  This festival is probably a better choice for students who play classical pedal harp.


I am equally delighted to be the Harp Instructor at The College of Saint Rose’s Summer Music Festival.  Please contact me or see the College’s website for more information.


College Studies


I am honored to be Adjunct Harp Instructor at the following colleges:


The College of Saint Rose

Hartwick College

SUNY College at Oneonta


Each college offers different types of degrees in music, so please check out their programs to see what’s offered, and if you aren’t sure about it, ask questions!  Lessons might also be available for non-music majors; you’ll need to ask each institution about their current policy.


When there are harp students looking to add harp lessons to their curriculum, sometimes other colleges (that don’t already have a harp instructor) will let the students sign up with Karlinda as their instructor.  The lesson fees are then paid to me through the college’s payroll system.  For example, this has already occurred at Broome County Community College in Binghamton, NY.  The students traveled to Oneonta for their harp lessons with me, and this worked out really well.


Other Questions


Please feel free to me with any questions you might have about studying the harp.  It can be confusing and complex, and I’m happy to help in any way I can.

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